Concierge Care Benefits

We offer Cardiology in addition to Primary Care. Everyone has a heart…

AllCare physicians provide not only general medical care (primary care) but also academic level specialty care. This integrated approach provides convenient one stop shopping and is powerful in enabling specialist management of cardiovascular issues whether for prevention or treatment.

Proactive medical care is what we do.

Office and hospital visits are not the only focus with AllCare. By keeping our size small we are able to make good on our commitment not only to be available to patients in between visits, but to think about patients in between visits. Our patients outsource their medical needs to us and we keep our patients on track, constantly surveying the horizon for the latest possibilities.

International and national telemedicine.

AllCare physicians have deep experience with international and national telemedicine. Wherever someone lives or is traveling, AllCare physicians know how to provide a single locus of control and coordination for each patient’s longitudinal medical management. We have global connections and pride ourselves on our ability to work with leading local physicians to achieve the very best outcomes wherever our patients may be located.

Strong focus on preventive medicine and long-term health and wellness.

Health risk varies enormously from person to person. Effective preventive care is not as simple as giving the right handouts to people. We work with each patient to understand and manage their individual risk. Many practices do a good job at cancer screening but we work across the landscape of preventive medicine in all areas as appropriate for each patient.

Also important to note with regard to preventive care is the essential tension between cutting edge assessment and treatment on the one hand versus well-marketed snake oil on the other. We help our patients to discriminate between these and to receive care at the cutting edge – but not beyond it.

Care at a Distance. ™

Whether you are on a brief vacation or living much of the year in a home far from Boston, we are available to work with you directly as well as through your local physician to coordinate your medical care. And that works in both directions. If you are home but your AllCare physician is away, you do not get a covering physician. You call the doc who knows you. 

Academic concierge medicine & cardiology.

AllCare physicians are core faculty members at Harvard Medical School’s major teaching hospitals: Massachusetts General Hospital, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, and Brigham and Women’s Hospital, where we provide inpatient medical care and where we teach. We have an almost unique profile of experience and expertise across clinical medicine and genetics, as well as digital technologies and other frontline medical tools. Our commitment is to bring the best of biomedical science to each patient or family, partnering over years to ensure that their care is truly personalized.

ProCare ™
(Professional Proactive Care).

We will review your health status on a monthly basis, to consider whether any new research or medical guidelines may be worth bringing to your attention. This means you will receive our regular attention and care whether you are in the office or not!

Communication is the heart of AllCare Medical.

The AllCare model might be described as your brother the doctor. If your brother were a doctor and you had a medical problem or question, would you call the covering physician for guidance? Of course not. Whether you reach out to your AllCare physician by telephone or email, we take the call if we can but if we cannot, we always reply as promptly as humanly possible.

By keeping our practice small and personal, our physicians have increased availability for AllCare members.

After all, health is unpredictable and you will have peace of mind in knowing the provider who knows you best is there when you need us.

Concierge practices vary enormously in what they do, how they do it.

Below are additional concierge benefits offered to member-patients at AllCare Medical.

Personalized hospital care.

Should you require hospital care anywhere in the world, we work with the treating physicians to make your care the best it can be. And if you are hospitalized at one of the 3 core Harvard Medical School hospitals where we have privileges, we generally see you in the hospital as well.

End-of-life counseling visits with patient and family.

This very important, very personal, and often overlooked topic is usually the domain of your internist. However, when appropriate, we will help you to assess the options so you will be able to make the best possible choice.

Medical transport service coordination.

Should you be out of town and need to return to Boston for an emergent cardiac issue, we can assist you in arranging return transportation, if requested.