John Levinson, MD, PhD

After loving Swarthmore College for two years, Dr. Levinson moved West and graduated from Stanford University. He went on to receive a PhD in Genetics from Stanford in 1981 and then his MD from the Stanford Medical School in 1983. He decided to try the East Coast one more time and in 1986, Dr. Levinson completed internal medicine training at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. He wanted to return West, but the MGH was simply irresistable.

Massachusetts General Hospital & Harvard Medical School
In 1989, he completed fellowship training in cardiology at the Massachusetts General Hospital. Board certified in both internal medicine and cardiovascular disease, Dr. Levinson has been a member of the cardiac unit at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) and a faculty member of Harvard Medical School since 1989.

Old Fashioned Private Practice
When Dr. Levinson first joined the MGH cardiac unit, every staff member was in private practice and committed to his or her own personal panel of patients. Since that time, MGH has migrated to a more typical academic practice model, where staff members treat their patients in a large group practice setting. Dr. Levinson is the sole remaining private cardiologist at MGH, and one of the few private physicians in the entire MGH Department of Medicine.

Innovation, Medical Computing
Dr. Levinson’s primary professional commitment has been to the practice and teaching of medicine and cardiology. However, Dr. Levinson also has a strong and consistent record for innovation in clinical practice. In 1988 he designed and wrote Statpage, a very early electronic medical record and the first he knows of to use a relational database design to allow the application of rules to clinical care. For example StatPage prevents prescribing medications to which a patient is allergic.  He presented StatPage to the American College of Cardiology’s national meeting in 1991 and continues to use it in daily clinical practice.

Innovation, Medical Practice Design
Dr. Levinson developed AllCare Medical and began enrolling patients in 2001, making it the first concierge practice in New England. In 2005, Dr. Levinson opened the Levinson Harris Medical Group, a practice dedicated to internal medicine and cardiology with offices in Boston’s Copley Square and hospital work remaining at the MGH. LHMG hosts AllCare Medical and is well equipped and staffed to meet each patient’s medical needs effectively, conveniently, and elegantly.

National Organization
Dr. Levinson was a founding board member of the The American Society of Concierge Physicians. He has participated in that organization, now known as The American Academy of Private Physicians, ever since. He has lectured widely on the topic of direct practice and remains active at a national level in the movement toward concierge practice.

People, Not Bureaucracy
While Dr. Levinson continues to love the daily clinical practice of medicine he is dismayed by the progressive failure of the United States’ healthcare financing system to reach every human in the country. He is disappointed by the healthcare system’s failure to place patient care above the needs of a massive, expensive, intrusive, and ineffective bureaucracy. AllCare is his solution to these problems.

Dr. Levinson is married with two daughters. His wife is a nurse specialist in geriatrics and is the nurse consultant for the senior center in Weston, Ma. Their older daughter returned from the University of San Francisco in 2014 to join MGH’s nursing staff. Their younger daughter is studying public health at the University of California at Berkeley. Josie is their sweet but neurotic rescue dog. Outside of work, Dr. Levinson doesn’t surf so much anymore but is consumed by aviation.

More Information
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